How to Test Indoor Air Quality

March 18, 2022

How to Test Indoor Air Quality

An air quality test can reveal information about the levels of mold, pollen, and other potential pollutants that you may not be aware of.

When youre looking for an indoor testing venue, make sure to ask about available options for air samples, as well as guidelines for collection and analysis.

Such tests can also help you identify any sources of irritation or contamination in your home.

If you have allergies, theres a good chance your house is full of things that could trigger respiratory congestion and redness in your eyes or ears. A test will let you know what causes these symptoms and allow you to make recommendations about cleaning agents and materials that cause problems for you.

Conduct an inspection of your home.

Before you can correct any potential air pollution sources in your home, youll need to identify them. This means walking through your house taking note of anything that might be causing problems for your indoor air quality or could potentially be improved.

Take note of areas with a lot of mold.

If you see signs of growing mold in your home, thats one very obvious indicator that your air is probably polluted., Although it can be hard to determine if any visible mold stains your carpet or walls, small amounts of black mold growth can often appear like dirt on your window glass. While not necessarily an indication of damage itself, dirty windows are another sign to look for when checking indoor air quality.

Check for signs of fire damage.

If your home has smells that smell like smoke, you may have a fire burning somewhere in your house. You may also see dark spots on your ceilings or walls that are black from soot or ash, even if theres no sign of heat damage! Contact an environmental specialist to test your air quality and make sure theres no danger of wildfire.

Ask anyone you know has issues with respiratory problems or allergies to think about getting tested as well.

Its important to get your air quality measured, especially if you live with an allergy that makes you break out in hives or suffer other symptoms every time you breathe. If you notice a correlation between how often you sneeze or have headaches and the levels of certain toxins in your home, ask your doctor about having your air samples analyzed by a professional certified lab analyst.

Know your air quality index.

Searching for an indoor air purifier is like searching for a new pair of glasses youll definitely find a few brands that are well-known and reputable, but its also important to ensure that you purchase a device that meets or exceeds federal standards. While there may not be strict requirements under the law regarding which type of air filter your business uses, its essential to invest in a unit that filters out allergens and removes chemicals such as mold, dust, cigarette smoke and more.

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