How to Test Indoor Air Quality

March 16, 2022

How to Test Indoor Air Quality

Testing your indoor air quality can help you identify any problems with your ventilation or heating/cooling systems.

If you have trouble breathing, then your house may contain an allergy-causing chemical or vapor. A professional air quality test can tell you what chemicals are in your home so you can investigate their sources and determine whether theyre even possible allergens. You will also want to check your HVAC system for leaks and make sure your ducts arent causing your problem either by being clogged up with dust or not operating efficiently.

Choose the right test.

There are lots of air quality tests you can choose from, but not all are equal. You want to pick a testing kit thats going to give you accurate results for your homeand what better way to do that than with a professional lab test? At Clean Air Solutions, we use equipment provided by an accredited third-party laboratory, which means their testing protocol has been reviewed and approved by representatives from the American Association of Laboratories for Certification (AALC). With this certification, they ensure their testing procedures meet or exceed uniform standards set out by the AALC in order to provide consistent accuracy throughout the country.

The ideal test for detecting environmental pollutants is a non-conductive ink pen stain test, which will allow you to see any stains on your sheets so you can take appropriate action.

This type of test is perfect to check whether your bedding items are able to detect dust mites, pet dander and other common indoor allergens. If its not clear if your bedroom is affected by seasonal allergy symptoms, ask your doctor about testing your air quality with a simple home kit.

Talk to your heater, vent and air conditioning company.

If you have any questions about whether or not indoor air quality is important to you, be sure to talk to them first. Your HVAC (heating, ventilation and cooling) systemyour furnace and ACis what makes your home comfortable in terms of temperature, so make sure to ask anyone who can help out

Find the right contractor.

If youre thinking about testing your indoor air quality, chances are you have a question regarding who should perform these tests. The best person for the job is a specialista plumber or builder who has years of experience checking water heater vapor buildups and dusting ceilings and floors with minimal risk to human health. However, if you feel confident enough doing it yourself, dont hesitate to try! Its much easier than you might think and can provide valuable information regarding both your home and any future residences you may live in.

Be sure to hire a qualified contractor.

If youre looking at home air quality tests for your room or whole house, think about who has access to your personal information. Is it someone close to you who knows where you live and could potentially find out what types of allergies you have? A professional is right person to run these tests and provide advice if there are readings that need attention.

Follow all safety protocols.

Before you start testing your indoor air quality, make sure youve taken the time to check what resources are available to you online and talk to your local authorities about whether there are rules regarding testing in your area. Its important to follow all relevant regulations, as doing so may allow your facility to identify environmental issues that otherwise would have gone undetected.

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