How to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer

March 8, 2022

The last thing you want is to get your air conditioner broken or damaged while youre away on vacation.

Keep all your repair orders in one place and bring them with you when you move. You can even keep it in the same place as your moving truck so you always have access to everything you need.

Take advantage of the professionals.

During your seasonally hot month, think about getting professional treatment on your air conditioners. An AC repair specialist can check over your system and recommend anything that needs fixing before summer comes around again.

Schedule a professional cleaning.

If your air conditioner shows any signs of dust, dirt, or grime, youll want to get it cleaned before summer. Ask your local friends or family members if theyre interested in signing up for an annual cleaning with your apartment management company. You can also hire someone independent from Home Advisor to visit and clean your unit

Do not use abrasive materials.

To protect your air conditioner, be sure to avoid using any products or materials that can scratch it. This includes things like toothpaste, shampoo, and most chemicals.

Be sure to remove all decorations.

Take down Christmas lights, store decorative items not needed for year-round heating or outdoor living and pack up your yard art. You dont want to leave any traces of summer in your home when you roll out your winter blankets!

Remove all furniture from the unit.

Whether youre moving in yourself or have just receive a big shipment of summer furniture, everything needs to be removed from your air conditioning unit before spring arrives. This includes window coverings, decorations and other items. You may even want to rent a truck or trailer if you need to move large amounts of furniture.

Give the unit a deep cleaning.

The air conditioning system inside your home can be built up like any other mechanical device with use and experienceand, of course, dirt and dust. A thorough cleaning is an excellent way to help your AC run more efficiently and avoid future issues with icing or hot-water damage.

Replace any filters.

During spring, your heating system will be kicking into high-gear as weather becomes warmer. This is the perfect time to inspect your air conditioners unit to make sure its in good shape and needs replacing filtration systems or not. If you need to replace those old hoses or other commercial grade items, do so now before March 1st.

Turn your system off.

If you have an air conditioner, theres no need to run it all summer. The temperature will likely stay hot well into July, so dont waste energy cooling your house down now when you wont be using extra appliances or heating anything this month! It makes more sense to just turn yours off in August if you havent done that already. You can then run your AC unit while you cool your house down.

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