How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

March 9, 2022

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Develop an indoor air quality management plan.

Before you start improving your environment, you should figure out what kind of pollution issue youre trying to tackle. Is it pet dander or musty smells? Do you have an issue with gas or carbon monoxide leaks? By creating an indoor air quality (IAQ) management plan, you can outline everything you need to get right in order for your home to be as clean and fresh as possible.

Choose appropriate ventilation methods.

For most people, the best way to ventilate a house is by opening windows or using a fan. But if youre looking for an alternative option, consider these features in home air filters:

Get the right equipment.

If you want to improve indoor air quality, one of your biggest steps is getting the right breathing apparatus. Without the right gear, it can be hard to breath properly when inside an apartment or home that has an issue with bad airor even worse, you could inhale particles from your own hair or makeup.

Clean your space.

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! Thats one of the best ways to ensure good air quality in your home. Your vacuum cleaner is likely to collect lots of dust and dirt, which can be a major source of indoor pollution if you let it sit outside on the floor for too long.

Be sure to take breaks from spending time inside and give your lungs a break by getting outside for some fresh air.

You may not think of indoor air as being harmful, but when you spend plenty of time inside, you expose your body to chemicals and other substances that can cause health problems. Oftentimes, its just a matter of changing the ventilation in your home or office spacemaking sure there are no smoking products or pollutants allowed inside. But if you do allow smoke in your home, make sure everyone knows about it so nobody else can be exposed to those dangerous compounds.

Reduce your exposure to gases.

Many chemicals cause airway constriction that leads to respiratory problems, while others can irritate your eyes and skin. Both of these reactions are harmful and can begin as soon as days after you stop spending time outsideeven if you continue to expose your indoor plants to the original outdoor chemical.

Minimize pet exposure.

Your indoor air quality is just as important as your outdoor air, if not more so because youre likely exposed to much higher levels of pollution outside. Pets are constantly shedding skin and hair, which can cause airborne particles to travel mileseven thousands of feet! If you have pets, be sure to take action to prevent this exposure as far as possible by dusting off their fur and washing them regularly.

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