How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Office

March 20, 2022

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Office

Clean your office regularly.

Dons & Joannes Rule: You should clean by yourself each time you move something from one room to another, but we also recommend cleaning up after yourselves! If theres anything dirty or broken around your home that needs to be cleaned, you want to make sure it gets done right? So grab a basket and collect all of the trashincluding scraps of paper, straws, pieces of foodand take it wherever you usually throw out garbage. In addition to keeping your space looking nice, this will help break down all those whiteboards, carpeting and wood floors over time so your space feels more like home.

Remove dust and debris from surfaces.

Dust furniture and other objects with a microfiber cloth at least once a week.

Dusting rooms gets your property sparkling faster than any vacuum cleaner can, while also removing items that easily accumulate outside of your homedust from books or papers, hair products or even candy wrappers. Cleaning comes first prevents dust from gathering elsewhere in your office (and in much higher quantities) as well as keeps you and your coworkers happy!

Sweep or vacuum your floor.

Dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping remove dust that can otherwise become airborne and pollute the air you breathe. Regularly sweep or vacuum your office and other frequently trafficked areas with a soft-bristled broom to eliminate potential dirt traps.

Replace old wallpaper with fresh paint.

Old wallpapers featured in your office can cause indoor air pollution, which can decrease productivity and encourage health issues. If youre still using a background color or image on your walls, now is a great time to update it with a new piece that inspires you and matches your other furniture. Your more spacious offices may even inspire you to get creative and decorate yourself!

Purchase an air purifier.

When youre working inside all day, it can be hard to think of anything other than getting out into the fresh air. But those with allergies or asthma should consider an indoor air purifier, as these machines can remove allergens from the air that causes your symptoms.

Open windows for some fresh air.

Sometimes you need more than just an open dooryou need outdoor air too. When its close at hand, even feeling a little bit stale or smelly, your indoor environment can seem pretty stuffy. But making sure you have plenty of window openings lets in some cleaner air from outside. According to the American Lung Association, office buildings with doorman facilities are the best opportunity for workers to improve their indoor air quality.

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