How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

March 17, 2022

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Modern homes are often equipped with a variety of electronic devices that use power, but these devices also create other types of pollution.

When you turn on your computer or tablet, its heating up for several minutesand in some cases, hours. Electricity generates heat when flowing through wires, and many electronics require electricity to function. Electronics generate an average of 48 watts per square foot in your home, which is more than most fans or air conditioners. That means theres plenty of opportunity for energy waste in the places where you spend your time.

Computers, cell phones, and televisions are just some of the devices that can cause air pollution.

If youre concerned about how technology is affecting your health, consider whats often referred to as electronic wastethe parts and components used in our digital world that most people dont need and can even be harmful. When you do have to get rid of something electronic, take care of those chips and screens by storing them properly.

To improve indoor air quality, organize your home so all devices are out of use at night or when not in use.

Your couch can be your best friendor your worst enemywhen it comes to improving indoor air quality. One of the main causes of poor indoor air is old furniture, including couches and chairs. Whether you live with friends or family, they may leave their used coffee cups behind or stacks of magazines and catalogs that they havent looked at for months. This clutter creates an environment where dust feeds and grows, leading to decreased air quality and health issues.

Choose energy-efficient lamps and try self-lighting candles.

Energy-saving light bulbs and candle lighting can be just as effective when used in place of standard lamp options, depending on your project goal. While bulb types may vary from room to room, there are some generalizations that apply to all areasenergy efficiency matters! And if youre looking for affordable decor items, consider these alternatives which could yield stunning results without breaking the bank.

Ventilate your home properly and avoid using it while cooking or baking.

If youre heating up any flammable materials in your kitchen, like oil or butter, make sure to ventilate well and avoid burning yourself or your food. Of course, if you need to cook something quickly in your oven, be sure to reduce the heat as much as possible. And if you are working with anything especially sensitive (like ingredients that may smell bad), make sure to take extra care not to burn the house down.

Wash your hands and dont smoke.

The simplest way to improve indoor air quality is to wash your hands so you dont pass along germs to other people. This also applies to cigarettes, which can cause serious health problems if someone else in your home smokes.

Use incandescent light instead of LEDs.

When it comes to lighting your room, consider what you want from your life in terms of energy efficiency and conservation. An LED bulb is more efficient than an old-fashioned tungsten light, but it isnt perfect for avoiding environmental damage. Using less electricity through lighting is one of the best ways to reduce your impact on climate change, so when choosing a new light source, opt for something that uses fewer watts rather than greater intensity.

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