How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

March 12, 2022

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Modern housing and building materials can create some surprising indoor air pollutants, including mold and pollen.

We all know that dust is harmful to your lungs, but did you know it can also cause problems with your skin or eyes? Recent studies show that both allergies and asthma rates are increasing as early as 2010 for many children in the United States. If you or someone you live with has an allergy or sensitivity to certain substances, then any exposure to them can result in a serious health concern. Thats why its important to identify what environmental issues affect your quality of life and take steps to avoid these potential hazards.

Developed countries are facing an increase in respiratory diseases associated with exposure to air pollution.

Its no secret that breathing polluted indoor air can be just as harmful as inhaling diesel exhaust or cigarette smoke. Short-term effects include coughing, throat irritation, asthma attacks and skin rashes. Long-term effects include cancer and heart disease.

Mold is just one type of pollutant that affects your health.

Sure, mold is pretty obviousits white and growing but there are other pollutants in your home, like chemicals and dust, which can cause problems too. While some contaminants arent a threat to you, others can be dangerous if you get them in your lungs or swallow something contaminated. Its important to have your indoor air quality checked by a professional to make sure you dont have any risks for yourself or your family.

There are plenty of ways to improve indoor air quality, including using natural light, avoiding added lighting, choosing energy-efficient homes, and staying away from buildings that contain mold.

When it comes to improving your homes energy efficiency, there arent really any shortcuts. But adding more light can help make your space feel brighter and avoid leaving those old lamps lying around for people to break or damage.

Be sure to stay away from any sources of mold or mildew.

Molds and fungi grow pretty easily in places that encourage them, including your homes interior. If you see molds growing anywhere near you, get rid of them! They can even grow inside sealed containers, such as jars and boxes stored by the kitchen counter.

If youre exposed to it, mold can make you feel tired, have a bad cough, cause nasal issues, or give you allergies.

When you experience any of these symptoms together with your moods and productivity, talk to your doctor. A professional assessment and diagnosis is key when it comes to mold health.

Limit your contact with pets.

Our furry friends are often thought of as members of our families, but theyre actually responsible for bringing in toxins into your home environment. Pets walk around breathing out millions of microscopic particles that we dont even noticeeven kittens!and then lie down and sleep near us so they can get their toxic load off their feet by curling up next to us at night.

Take advantage

Your home is your sanctuary, so its important you take care of yourself first. That means cleaning your house as well as providing shelter for your family and a safe space for your dog.

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