How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

March 15, 2022

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Develop an indoor air quality policy for your home.

Its important to establish an atmosphere in your home that promotes healthy levels of pollution, so take time to design an interior space with this goal in mind. You may want to add scents or candles that will evoke a specific mood, such as relaxing, calm, or invigorating. Or you can simply have all plants removed from areas where people spend a lot of time, leaving only comfortable chairs and pillows behind.

Take advantage of natural light.

When it comes to choosing between using incandescent lights, which offer low energy cost but are weak and look pale compared to computer screens or mobile devices, or going with full-spectrum LED bulbs, which produce more stable light but require more electricity and tend to be expensive over time, theres no doubt who wins in that argument. Its all about finding the right balance and what works best for you and your home.

Get some sunshine.

We cant always go outside for sunlight, but we can create it indoors! The natural light in your home creates moods and sets the tone for what you enjoy spending time withor even how you like to work yourself. If you prefer to spend more time outdoors and enjoy working in the sun, consider putting up windows or creating an area inside your house that lets in plenty of sunlight.

Use low-wattage lighting.

Low-wattage or energy-efficient bulbs are an incredible resource for improving your indoor air quality because they can reduce exposure to harmful light. These lamps dont emit as much of a blue light, which has been linked to increased anxiety and decreased sleep. Plus, the less time you spend in front of the sun, the better! But if you need an affordable way to cut down on daylight hours, consider building a lamp shade that will block out most of the sunlight.

Choose energy-efficient models.

Energy efficiency is more important than style when it comes to appliances in your home. But you can actually upgrade your kitchens look without sacrificing comfort or quality. An old, outdated refrigerator or microwave may still be working fine, but an older model will use up a lot of electricity with little benefit from your perspective. That means aging equipment that isnt running very efficiently...and wasting money over time.

Minimize your use of televisions and computers.

Televisions and computer screens can emit heavy metals like mercury, which have been linked to ear-and-brain development issues in children as well as obesity. To minimize your exposure to these chemicals, consider unplugging or putting away any electronics for an evening.

Stand up from your desk sometimes.

Sitting is becoming more and more of a habit, but sitting for too long can be bad for your health. Your body was designed to move around frequently, as this helps you stay healthy. If you spend most of your day seated at a computer or behind a desk, its important to occasionally get up and walk down the hall for an afternoon break. This will help keep you healthier.

Relax during those times at work.

Your workplace is probably no place for you to relax, but even small gestures can make your space feel more calm and comfortable. Put on some music or close your office window if you need to block out noise. Or take a moment to mentally prepare yourself before entering an area of your office that needs to be cleaned up after coworkers or visitors left crumbs or papers. Adding soothing touches will definitely improve air quality in your home, so its also a great idea to bring items like scented candles and soft lighting when you move into a new residence.

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