How to Determine Indoor Air Quality

March 23, 2022

How to Determine Indoor Air Quality

Developing an indoor air quality policy can help you identify any areas of your home that may need extra attention when it comes to cleaning and filtering what you breathe in.

First off, track how much dust is floating through your houseespecially at risk pieces of furniture like coffee tables or end-of-bed chairs. You can watch YouTube videos to see how easy it is to gather dirt from virtually anywhere your stuff sits.

Know where your chemicals are.

You may not realize it, but many compounds can be dangerous, even if you dont think of them as toxic. Perfluoroisobutane, or PFOA, for example, has been found in recent years in the blood of nearly every person in the United States. While we might not know how harmful this substance is to our health, what we do know is that it was once used by DuPont to make Teflona chemical that prevents grease from sticking. As such, it was released into the air around manufacturing plants and eventually ended up in our homes.

Keep your cleaners up to date.

You may not think of indoor air quality as you would outdoor air, but its important to keep on top of what chemicals are in your building that can potentially damage your carpet or couchesofa. Have professional cleaning agents certified by EPA tested regularly and replace them when needed.

Consider professional cleaning.

If you have pets, older children, or other people who love your home, be sure to ask them what they think about your indoor air quality (IAQ). If everyone thinks your IAQ is ruined, then it probably is! But if many of your family members want you to fix whatever issues you have, then do so.

Test your filter systems.

Your air conditioning system is responsible for filtering your homes air, so its important that it works properly. Whether you have an individual unit or a whole-house HVAC system, get in the habit of checking your filters before you start your machine. If one of your filters needs to be replaced, replace all of them! This may sound like a lot of work, but its worth it to avoid respiratory issues from inhaling too much dust or debris into your home.

Dont forget about your candles.

Candles are an easy way to add ambience and shine light in any room, but their smoke can be difficult to escape for those who live with sensitive airways. While you may think that leaving these products out will help prevent exposure, it actually increases the risk of harm by exposing your family to inhaled particles from the burning candle wax.

Think about your pets.

Before you start thinking about what quality air your home can provide, take time to consider your pets health. If you have a dog or cat, how would fresh air be good for it? Pets love interaction, while unhealthy animals suffer from stress and anxiety when they are cooped up in their rooms all day long. Ask yourself whether an indoor lifestyle is good for your furry friend and make sure to spend plenty of time with you both now that youve decided to move!

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