How Often To Tune Up Electric Furnace

March 13, 2022

How Often To Tune Up Electric Furnace

Your electric furnace is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home, but it needs to be maintained to run at its best.

Like any machine, your electric furnace will suffer wear and tear over time, which can lead to reduced performance or failure. Maintaining your electric furnace means keeping it running at its optimal efficiency level. This includes replacing the filter each month, inspecting the unit every year, adjusting the thermostat once a winter season, and repairing any issues along the way.

With spring around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your electric furnace tuned up before hot weather arrives.

Generally speaking, an electric blanket needs to be flushed at least once every 24 months as part of regular maintenance. An entire furnace should also be inspected during its first year to ensure its operating safely and efficiently. If you do need to flush or replace parts for your radiator or heat exchanger, be sure to hire a professional technician to inspect your system and guide you through the process.

Generally, your professional technician will program your thermostat after performing the maintenance on your furnace.

While you may have to schedule an appointment with your heating engineer to ensure that their diagnostic monitoring works, theres no reason for your electrician to monitor your fuse box every day. In fact, daily checkups can even shorten the life of your electrical components! For these reasons, its best to skip regular inspections when possible.

This prevents any delay in the heating process caused by manual adjustment.

Theres no need to rush into anything when it comes to your comfort zone. You dont have to be perfect to get amazing results! Your heater is designed to keep you comfortable, so let it do its job and take time to feel relaxed and confident before you start messing with the settings. Perfecting the fine-tuning of your electric furnace will make your bills more accurate and ensure you receive the most energy possible from your unit.

You dont have to schedule your tuning service during the cold months, as many technicians recommend.

The best time of year to get your heating system tuned up is in winter when you likely to need it mostwhen your furnace tends to run less often. While spring is an okay time for some systems, others require more attention before you can even think about summer fun. Call ahead or talk to your contractor to find out what season would be the best time for a tune-up in your area.

Keep indoor air quality in mind.

Your furnace is an internal combustion engine, meaning it runs off of gas (or oil, gasoline, diesel fuel) thats stored inside the machine. That means whatever you put into your home can potentially damage your heater! Open all faucets and drain tanks to ensure water intake

Plan for several hours of downtime.

When youre rehabbing an old furnace, it can take time to break in a new heating element or install a damper pilot. While these repairs are underway, there may be no heatwhich means your home is cold and uncomfortable for everyone. During this period, consider how much electricity will need to be used from other sources to keep your family warm.

Have your air conditioner unit professionally inspected.

The best way to keep your home comfortable is to maintain an optimal indoor climate. One of the easiest ways to do that is to change out your filter regularly and replace old duct work when it gets clogged with dust. But theres also something you can do right now to improve the quality of your airhave your furnace system checked by a professional.

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