How Long Do Home Central Air Conditioners Last

March 24, 2022

How Long Do Home Central Air Conditioners Last

While theres no exact way to estimate how long a home central air conditioner will last, you can usually get a rough idea by looking at its owners manual or contacting the manufacturer.

Most manufacturers include an estimated-use life in their product manuals, which may help you determine about how many hours your unit will likely function for before it needs to be replaced.

If you have never owned a central air conditioner before, it may help you to know that most of them last around five years.

That is actually one advantage to an indoor air conditioning unit over its outdoor counterpartthey typically live longer than two decades but less than three-and-a-half decades, which means many units still serve your home for at least part of their life. Of course, this also means theyre just as likely to start failing soon after those magic number thresholds are reached. But considering how expensive these repairs can be, why throw away money by replacing something that will likely only give you more problems?

That means if you want your central air conditioning system to be more than six months old, itll need to be upgraded or replaced.

Just like any other major mechanical appliance in your home, the longer you wait to have its maintenance done, the higher the cost will be. For example, consider what replacing a blower motor (the powerful fan that blows cold air) should costprobably not much more than $100. Yet if you replace one thats at least seven years old with an older model, the price probably is around $300! So dont assume your unit will just keep working without attention. Even when you do nothing else, give it some care throughout the year so these costs arent necessary:

Keep in mind that even when they are still new, central air conditioning units do not last forever.

Most systems definitely will start to lose effectiveness over time because of poor maintenance and wear and tear. You may experience shorter cooling or heating periods as your system fails, but you can also expect to pay more money for running costs as well.

They are also energy-efficient, so even if they wear out sooner, they may still save you money in the long

Thats righta whole year from purchase! And that means no more getting rid of them just because you can. When choosing a new central air conditioner, consider its annual operating cost. An Energy Star model will have less need for maintenance and is likely to last at least as long as your homes other appliancesif not longer.

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