Tax Credits & Rebates

Tax Credits for Minneapolis Heating and Cooling Energy Related Equipment Energy tax credits help buyers with the investment costs of energy-related equipment and products. These credits were recently extended through federal legislation. You can find additional information at the Internal Revenue Service.

Contact your energy provider for an additional rebate.

The New Tax Credits Include:

  • Heat pump combined home heating and cooling system rebate – 30% credit on the full cost of installed system
  • Central air conditioning and ductless air system rebate – 10% credit up to a maximum of $300
  • Home heating system rebate – 10% credit up to a maximum of $150Please Note: The heat pump tax credit is limited only by the total amount of your installed system. Whatever the amount is, you’ll earn a 30% credit. Also, for central air, ductless air, or home heating systems, the total combined credit you can earn is $500. To learn more please visit or call Air Knights Heating & Cooling Inc.